What is Auto Cal II?

Auto Cal II is a Precision Flow Control System linked to a GPS Receiver and a Flow Transducer, which automatically controls your rate to insure accurate applications.

How does Auto Cal II work?

The pilot inputs his desired swath width and rate required.  That’s it!  Auto Cal II automatically adjusts your spray system to apply your selected rate per acre.

Do I need a GPS Guidance System for Auto Cal II to Work?

No.  We have an optional GPS.

What if my aircraft is equipped with a Crop Hawk or Micronair Flow Monitoring system?

Auto Cal II will interface with your existing Flow Monitoring System.  Both systems can use the same Flow Transducer, eliminating the need to purchase another.  You can have Flow Control with or without a Flow Monitoring System.

Auto Cal II Controllers

Controls your chemical pump with Hydraulic, Electric, Weath-Aero Fan or a valve with other types of pumps.  Controls your gate for dry.  Works with variable rate.


Is my aircraft grounded if Auto Cal II should fail?

No, Auto Cal II is designed fail safe and you can still operate like you did before the installation of the Auto Cal II.

Why do I need Auto Cal II Flow Control?

1.  Helps you do the best job possible.

2.  No need to make fields and loads fit.

3.  Saves $$$ on chemicals.

4.  Always get the correct application rate.

5.  Data logging output included.


Monitoring Your Flow!


Controlling Your Flow!