Thank you for your interest in the Auto Cal II Flow Control System.  Below is a brief summary about how the Auto Cal Flow Control Systems work.


For helicopters we have several different systems.  Basically we do the same thing for the end result on all of the systems.  


We control the speed of the pump.  If the system is electric, we have an electric motor controller that runs the pump.  If the system is hydraulic, we control hydraulic valves to control the speed of the pump.  Where some are using a Honda or other engine to run the pump, we control the throttle on the engine.


The only modification to the plumbing for the spray system is a flow meter.  We do not use a valve in the spray system plumbing for control of the spray.


We also do airplanes.  If the airplane, such as a Cessna, uses any of the above systems, then we control the same as we do on the helicopter systems.  


On the other types of airplanes, we do things a little different.


Very little of the Satloc, AgNav, Raven and other flow control systems on the market are the same as the Auto Cal II Flow Control System.  We go about the control in a different way.  If you have a fan, our valve is installed between the output of the pump and the input to the pump, and works by re-circulating what is not needed back through the pump. 


The advantages to that, is there is only one size valve needed from ULV to the maximum that you can spray.


If there was a failure with the valve operation, you could change your swath width and finish spraying the load without having to land with a load.


The valve is cable controlled from an actuator that is mounted inside the fuselage, cutting down on the weight in the plumbing and air drag.


We make a dry flow control for airplanes using an actuator mounted by the dry handle that adjust the stop for the dry handle.  The pilot has to use the handle for turning on and turning off.  These systems are being used for either constant rate or variable rate.


Our system has a logging output to go into a logging system. The GPS Guidance Systems that you are using is doing the data logging of where you have already sprayed.  


The Auto Cal System requires a separate input for spray on/off: usually a micro-switch on the handle.  On the electric/hydraulic system, this is done by using a multi-pole spray on/off switch or a relay being activated when the spray goes on, not a pressure switch.



If we can assist you any further, please contact us.